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Fintech Companies, Financial Institutions, ISOs, VARs, ISVs, SaaS Companies, Enterprises

Also serving alternative markets:
Blockchains, Cryptos, CBD and MMJ services


“The future of payments will be a seamless, and ubiquitous environment of connectivity.”
-Adam Spencer

Our clients typically come to us with an immediate need and desire to increase profits, distribution, market presence, efficiencies, or access to technology. We help clients move their ideas from a concept, into executable strategies while also adding to our economies of scale.

With access to our strategic partnerships, platform expertise and decades of real-world industry experience, we create a position of strength for you when navigating the ever changing payments and fintech ecosystem.

elev with us and become an industry leader!



You are an ISO that is underperforming and want to get to the “next level” and need help.
elev8's Solutions

Business strategy consulting, help with distribution, refining existing processes and performing process change improvements, etc


You are a VAR, software company or Financial Institution and are not in Payments, and have the financial resources to start an ISO but do not know how.
elev8's Solutions

Assist ISO with registrations, help navigate the process to secure a BIN/ICA, aid in negotiating platform pricing and contracts



You are in payments today, however your sponsor bank, platform, ISO, pricing, or the ability to port your business is problematic.

elev8's Solutions

Renegotiate existing deals, secure a new BIN or sponsor bank, convert a BIN/portfolio, secure portability or a new platform deal



You are a fintech company that wants more market share, distribution or to acquire technology and need help to accomplish it.

elev8's Solutions

Secure funding for you, handle the M&A aspect of “the deal”, profile companies, provide market insight and strategy



You are a fintech company that wants to get out and take advantage of the high multiples, but don’t know how.

elev8's Solutions

Prepare a CIM and market your company, create a bidding process to get you the highest exit possible


1. Business Process Change Improvement
elev8 consulted with a company in the contact center business with 165 seats. We conducted a time motion study during our full business process review. Our Advisors identified gaps and inefficiencies with appointment setting and handoff to sales/closer roles. We provided solutions to the client who applied them, resulting in the reduction of their time to close from 3.5 business days to 1.2 business days while also reducing operating expenses by 11% for a $7M division.
2. Vendor Contract Renegotiation
elev8 consulted with a fintech company who had an existing vendor relationship but was experiencing above industry average COGS. Successfully negotiated new pricing that resulted in $1M of savings to the company also allowing the company to be more market competitive due to lower COGS and pricing out to the market while maintaining previous margin.
3. Business Automation
Had an active engagement with a lender who in 2020 did $24M of loans. Through joint partnership with elev8, automation and use of ML and AI, we remapped the lender’s entire UX, compliance and security. As a result, the client increased lending to $14.6B in the first two quarters of 2021 while reducing fraud and loss ratios which were previously problematic.
4. M&A
Was brought in to replace a previous consulting firm who had secured a non-binding LOI for a fintech company at 9.2x EBITDA. elev8 increased the bid through restructuring deal points and helping the client gain a successful exit with a 14.6 EBITDA multiple.
5. New Technologies and Adoptions
elev8 jointly developed a proprietary alternative credit scoring model and decision engine for an existing public company, creating an entirely new profit center for them and enabling them as a lender. Profits originating from this partnership and innovation have enabled them to shorten project timelines, helping them quickly be able to be uplisted to the Nasdaq due to dramatically exceeded market expectations.



  1. Industry insights from the people that are setting the trends, not just following them
  2. Relevant, practical, real life experience. No theories accepted.
  3. Specialized, custom/tailored solutions within your specific industry/vertical
  4. Proven go-to-market strategies rooted in previous use cases
  5. Access to our extensive, experienced partner network, The elev8 Collective

Ready to start?

Ready to start?

M&A; Buy & Sell

  1. Buy side/sell side representation
  2. Mergers
  3. Takeovers (friendly/hostile)
  4. Buy/Sell a merchant portfolio
  5. Divest your fintech
  6. Buy technology/software
  7. Capital raises
  8. Market valuations
  9. Highest multiple possible
  10. Perform optimal diligence
  11. Create proper market timing
  12. Determine optimal value
  13. Define the synergy between all parties
  14. Intensive research and financial analysis
  15. Industry leading knowledge to realize the true market value
  16. Global reach for potential prospects

Contract Pricing & Term Negotiations

  1. Provide Economies of Scale in pricing through The elev8 Collective
  2. Obtaining more favorable pricing
  3. Contract re-negotiation
  4. Vendor Procurement

Technology & Innovation

  1. Payments integrations
  2. Platform build outs
  3. Automation/optimization
  4. Buy/build/partner analysis utilizing The elev8 Collective
  5. Implementation scheduling and delivery

Card Issuing

  1. Open loop and closed loop programs
  2. Private label and affinity programs
  3. Creating a non traditional card issuing program (ex: daily receivables, management factoring)

Merchant Acquiring

  1. Become a BIN Sponsor
    1. Create issuing/acquiring programs to solicit to ISOs
    2. Full sponsorship (debit/credit)
    3. Create merchant application/acceptance policies
    4. Develop credit policies/guidelines
  2. Find a BIN Sponsor
    1. RFPs
  3. Card brand (scheme) direct membership
    1. Cost/benefit analysis
  4. Debit/ATM/prepaid sponsorship (only)

Business Strategy

  1. Business model efficiencies
  2. Revenue optimization
  3. Segmentation & verticalization
  4. Automation
  5. Residual revenue audits
  6. Strategic leadership/management
  7. Data & Analytics
  8. Sales program management
  9. Project management and implementation
  10. Sales & Marketing
  11. Process analysis/outsourcing
  12. Supply chain
  13. Sustainability
  14. Operational enhancement

Risk Management & Security Monitoring

  1. SOC2 audits
  2. GARS audit
  3. Card Brand audits – quarterly & annually
  4. FDIC/OCC/regulatory audits

Compliance & Governance Modeling

  1. Compliance Audits
  2. PCI – Payment Card Industry
  3. DSS – Data Security Standard
  4. KYC – Know Your Customer
  5. AML-Anti-Money Laundering
  6. BSA-Bank Secrecy Act

Sales & Distribution Optimization

  1. Territory/Global expansion
  2. ISO registration
  3. Talent acquisition/recruitment
  4. Lending (payment processors)
  5. Merchant acquiring
  6. Determine scalability
  7. Creating new sales channels
  8. Unique distribution models
  9. Diversification of revenue streams

Product Expansion

  1. ACH
  2. Digital wallets
  3. Payments program